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First EAI International Conference on Computer Science and Engineering

November 11–12, 2016 | Penang, Malaysia

COMPSE 2016 FINAL FULL PROGRAM - Technical Sessions

Session I (11 November)

10:15 - 10:35

Distributed Dynamic Mobility Management Scheme for Network Mobility

wagan, Asif ali; Jung, Low Tang

10:35 - 10:55

Consolidation of Host-Based Mobility Management Protocols with Wireless Mesh Network


10:55 - 11:15

Inter-application sensitive data leakage detection on Android based on hybrid analysis

Cam, NguyenTan; Pham, Van-Hau; Nguyen, Tuan

11:15 - 11:35

A Complete Behavioral Measurement and Reporting: Optimized for Mobile Devices

Ali, Toqeer; Azril Zuhairi, MegatFarez; Ali, Jawad; Musa, Shahrulniza; Nauman, Mohammad

11:35 - 11:55

Propose Practices Model for Mobile Native Application Development

Samy, Dina; Hegazy, Abdelfatah; Kadry, Mona

11:55 - 12:15

Selective Encryption using Natural Language Processing for Text data in Mobile Ad hoc Network

Kushwaha, Ajay; Sharma, H R; Ambhaikar, Asha

15:15 - 12:35

Text-zone Detection and Rectification in Document Images Captured by Smartphone

PRUM, Sophea

Session II (11 November)

14:25 - 14:45

A new hybridization strategy for krill herd algorithm and harmony search algorithm applied to improve the data clustering

Abualigah, LaithMohammad; Khader, AhamadTajudin; Al-Betar, MohammedAzmi; Hanandeh, EssamSaid

14:45 - 15:05

A Novel Hybrid Artificial Bee Colony with Monarch Butterfly Optimization for Global Optimization Problems

Ghanem, WaheedAli H. M.

15:05 - 15:25

A Novell Approach on Evolutionary Dynamics Analysis - A Progress Report

Zelinka, Ivan; Dao, TranTrong; Hoang, DuyVo

15:25 - 15:45

A Study of Fluctuations in Genetic Algorithm Optimized Network in Data Centre

Nurika, Okta; Hassan, Mohd Fadzil; Zakaria, Nordin; Tan Jung, Low

15:45 - 16:05

Genetic Algorithms-based Techniques for Solving Dynamic Optimization Problems with Unknown Active Variables and Boundaries

AbdAllah, AbdelMonaem; Essam, Daryl; Sarker, Ruhul

16:05 - 16:25

Hybridizing Bat Algorithm with Modified Pitch-Adjustment Operator for Numerical Optimization Problems

Ghanem, WaheedAli H. M.; Jantan, Aman

16:25 - 16:45

Interference Reduction by Null-forming Optimization Based MVDR Technique Using Gravitational Search Algorithm

Shahab, SuhailNajm; Zainun, AyibRosdi; Alabdraba, WaleedM. Sh.; Noordin, NurulHazlina; Mohamed, IzzeldinIbrahim

Session III (11 November)

17:00 - 17:20

Experimental Performance Analysis of Job Scheduling Algorithms on Computational Grid using Real Workload Traces

Shah, Syed NasirM; Mahmood, Ahmad KamilB; Rubab, Saddaf; Hassan, FadzilB

17:20 - 17:40

AIRSE: An Approach for Attack Intention Recognition Based on Similarity of Evidences 

Ahmed, AbdulghaniAli; Kamarul Zaman, Noorul Ahlami

17:40 - 18:00

Predictive Modeling Approaches for Payroll Issuers

Perez, Hugo; Marmolejo, Jose Antonio; Velasco, Jonas; Fuentes, Jose

18:00 - 18:20

Proactive Job Scheduling and Migration using Artificial Neural Networks for Volunteer Grid

Rubab, Saddaf; Hassan, FadzilB; Mahmood, KamilB; Shah, Syed NasirMehmood

18:20 - 18:40

Unsupervised Text Feature Selection Technique Based on Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Improving the Text Clustering

Abualigah, LaithMohammad; Khader, AhamadTajudin; Al-Betar, MohammedAzmi; Hanandeh, EssamSaid

18:40 - 19:00

Modelling business processes using evolutionary generated Petri nets

Plucar, Jan; Grunt, Ondrej; Zelinka, Ivan; Vasant, Pandian

19:00 - 19:20

A new Look into the Imperialist Competitive Algorithm

Booshehri, Meisam; Luksch, Peter

Session IV (12 November)

10:00 - 10:20

Digitized and Visualized Knowledge Structures in Recommending Associated Web Links

Nitchot, Athitaya

10:20 - 10:40

Hand Gesture Trajectory Estimation Using keypoints Combination of Brisk and Minimum Eigenvalue Techniques 

Thabet, Eman; Khalid, Fatimah; Sulaiman, PuteriSuhaiza; Yaakob, Razali

10:40 - 11:00

An Extractive Multi-document Summarization System for Malayalam News Documents.

K, Manju; Idicula, SumamMary; S, DavidPeter

11:00 - 11:20

Hash based Frequent Pattern Mining approach to Text Compression

C, Oswald; S, Srinidhi; K, Sri ;  T.V, Vishal; B, Sivaselvan

11:20 - 11:40

A New NRI Metamaterial-based Ultra Wideband Stop Band Filter

Faruque, Mohammad Rashed Iqbal; Islam, Md. Moinul; Islam, Mohammad Tariqul

11:40 - 12:00

Text Segmentation for Analysing Different Languages

Pak, Irina; Teh, Phoey Lee

12:00 - 12:20

Texture Synthesis and Design based on Elements Distribution Creation

Gui, Yan; Liu, Yang; Li, Feng

Session V (12 November)

13:10 - 13:30

Fair Allocation through Social Norm

Wangmaeteekul, Pennee

13:30 - 13:50

Implementing the Honey Encryption for Securing Public Cloud Data Storage

Mok, Edwin; Samsudin, Azman; Tan, Soo Fun

13:50 - 14:10

A Compact UWB Antenna using Planar-Patterned Structures

Faruque, Mohammad Rashed Iqbal; Islam, Md. Moinul; Islam, Mohammad Tariqul

14:10 - 14:30

A Crowdsourcing Approach for Volunteering System

Mazlan, Nurulhasanah; Abu Bakar, Ahmad Zaki; Syed Ahmad, Sharifah Sakinah; Kamalrudin, Massila

14:30 - 14:50

Lightweight Risk Management: The Development of Agile Risk Tool Agents

Odzaly, Edzreena Edza; Greer, Des; Stewart, Darryl

14:50 - 15:10

Parallel Coordinates Visualization Tool on the Air Pollution Data for Northern Malaysia

Joshua Thomas, J.; Lokanathan, Raaj; Anantha Jothi, Justtina

15:10 - 15:30


Jan, Hakeem; Aman, MohamadYusri; Tawab, Muhamad

Session VI (12 November)

15:45 - 16:05


Khor, Kheng Kia

16:05 - 16:25

Market Prices Trend Forecasting Supported By Elliott Wave's Theory

Vantuch, Tomas; Zelinka, Ivan; Vasant, Pandian

16:25 - 16:45

Performance Evaluation of Throughput and Fairness Balancing in LTE Packet Scheduling

Abdul Hamid, Nor Asila Wati; Omer, Alaa; Ahmad, Idawaty; Mohd Hanapi, Zurina

16:45 - 17:05

Photovoltaic Solar Energy Simulation of Rooftops of a University Campus Buildings in Surabaya, Indonesia

Tarigan, Elieser; Mr., Djuwari; Kartikasari, FitriDwi

17:05 - 17:25

Packing a limited number of unequal circular objects in a rectangular container

Litvinchev, Igor

17:25 - 17:45 

Encoding Partial Orders Through Modular Decomposition

Beaudou, Laurent; Ghazy, Kaoutar; Kahn, Giacomo; Raynaud, Olivier; Thierry, Eric

17:45 - 17:55 (Poster/Demo)

Mining Points of Interests with Popular Travel Patterns and Spatial Guidance from Social and Credible Sources

Haris, Erum; Gan, Keng Hoon

17:55 - 18:05 (Poster/Demo)

Flexible Facets Generation for Faceted Search


Gan, Keng Hoon; Teh, Chek Wei